I picked up the camera at age 15. After my first child was born, a friend approached me and said, "Let's do weddings!" That was over 15 years ago and while I have moved away from traditional weddings, it's what comes after the weddings that I am most excited about. From maternity and newborns to their second or third child, I love to watch, and document, my clients growing up (and it happens fast!)

Originally from Arizona. I have moved so many times you wouldn't believe it. Corvallis has captured my attention for the last 12 years and I now call Oregon my home. This community is one of the best I have ever been apart of and I am thankful to have found it.

Even before my two children were born, I have always had a way with children. They look at me with their little spirit and say, "Hi" with their adorable eyes. I am intuitive with their needs and anticipate what's next. They keep me moving and their laughs and giggles are contagious. I connect with my subjects genuinely and put them at ease with my humor and kindness. My first passion is definitely photographing children. All of them. Silly, messy, wiggly, drooling, grumpy, noisy, fun, wonderful, sweet, beautiful children!

My second passion is portraits. I love seeing my subjects eyes light up. They say that you know when someone is truly smiling when the muscles around their eyes are engaged. I have worked with many women who are accomplishing great achievements! From writers to famous jazz singer/songwriters, I strive to capture a powerful representation of my subjects real beauty that has always been there. I seek to empower those who are excited to be in a profession that they are passionate about. I believe we should all be doing something we love and anything I can do to support them in their journey, I am happy to do so.