Can you say, "Pretty please with bees on top of a peanut buster parfait with a side of Willy Nillie, goofy-twister ala Parcheesi????? That's about how it feels sometimes trying to round up your family before a portrait session. However, you know it is worth it once it is all said and done! Families can be both fun and exciting and if 1990 was the last time you had your family portrait taken, you know it is time to schedule a session. Start thinking about what colors you love and what special setting you would like. Planning can make a big difference. Be sure to visit the FAQ's page for hints on how to have a smooth session before you even arrive and contact us today!

Studio Lux Images and Pink Caterpillar Photography are located at:

225 SW Madison Ave, Suite 204, Corvallis, OR 97330

To schedule an appointment you may contact our studio at: 541-757-2652