A great portrait starts with planning way before the day of the session. When it comes to any type of portrait session, the conversation begins with colors and themes. This is also known as a co-creative process. Let's get started!


Some of the best photographs are because the parents had a vision and remembered to bring props, toys, and or special clothing that make the pictures that much more memorable. The studio does have hats and props, but when you put some time and effort in preparing before you show up, we have more variety to play with. Now that's not to say that simple isn't good. Some parents prefer that and I love to capture children being children.

Some things to consider before showing up for a shoot is, "Has my child (or me for that matter) been fed and well rested?" Nobody likes to deal with a hungry grumpy person, so unless those are the kind of pictures you want to remember them by, being prepared will make a huge difference in the experience and the final product. Also, if you have a picky dresser, just bring the child's clothing that you want them to wear and we can compromise.

I know from my own experience of getting my children ready for a shoot, it can be stressful up until the last picture is taken. One thing to remember is that this is an experience you are paying for and if you are happy and joyful and calm throughout the process, the children will pick up on your energy and follow suit. This will also be embedded into the picture. Happy time, happy memory, happy experience, happy pictures.  If they are sticklers about what they prefer to wear,  no worries! We want smiles, not tears, so try to avoid having the child (and you!) have a breakdown right before their pictures. We want them to be excited for this experience. Children love choices. They feel better about the circumstances when given choices, so try to come up with a couple choices that everyone involved can live with.


Everyone has colors that look better on them than others. If you do not know what your colors are, consider taking us up on our complimentary consultation ahead of time. (See the consultation section under FAQ's)

In general patterns and stripes or shirts with logos are a no-no as well as bare shoulders. Ladies, please bring a blazer to cover your arms. The arms are very distracting, especially if your session is for a professional head shot. Solid colors work best and it is good to have a base color with up to two complimentary colors for group shots. Play around with ideas. Get creative and if you need some guidance, please, by all means, let us know. That is what we are here for!

For those who wear glasses and have the anti-glare on the lenses, you may want to consider having your optometrist remove the lenses from a backup pair of glasses before your in studio session. This is especially helpful if you have thick lenses or a very strong prescription. This is not required, but is useful for those who can not see without their glasses. Also, men, if you have a shirt that has wrinkles or creases, please take time, before the session, to have the shirt pressed, starched, or ironed.

If you wear makeup, be sure to apply it a little heavier than normal. If you tend to have oily skin, bring your powder and do not use moisturizers the morning of especially if you have oily skin. A matte finish is best to keep the glare down. Some clients like to schedule their photo session right after they get their hair cut. This doesn't always work out due to running late and if you don't end up liking your hair. We suggest waiting until you are sure you are happy with your hair to schedule your photography appointment. Finally if you color your hair, you may want to schedule your session within a couple of days of your hair appointment. If you would like to have your hairstylist do your hair before the shoot, that is nice, just be sure to account for the stylist running behind.

If your session involves GREEN SCREEN, please take a moment to review your attire before you arrive. If you are wearing anything shiny or reflective this can pick up the green from the background and look like you are wearing green ie., patent leather shoes, shiny belt buckles. With the green screen, you want to avoid wearing any colors of green if possible. This makes the editing process go smoother and keeps all the other colors as close to their original color when keying out the green.


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