I am not one of those photographers that says, "Yah, I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II," or rattle off the latest and greatest gear that I have or must have. I am not a gadget head, although I am proud of my gear, because it has taken me a long time to acquire it, debt free.  I use Canon because it is intuitive for me, but wish I could understand Nikon someday (I love the tones of Nikon.) In the studio I use Alien Bees lighting and I am slowly building up my  inventory of backdrops. I love, love, love to shoot in the studio, and feel it is my strength.

I don't usually bring extra lighting out on location but will if I need to. I prefer the studio because of the control and play of lighting. If you are really interested in the different lenses that I love and use, my favorite is my portrait lens 70-200mm (everyone looks beautiful through this lens!) I use this primarily for head shots and sometimes I will use on location with children. My most recent addition is the canon 16-35mm lens. I use this for wide angel landscape shots and real estate listing photos. My 50mm will forever have a place in my heart. The handy dandy workhorse of the 24-70mm is beginning to collect dust as I don't need this as much because I am not running after brides.

Finally, I would love to own a super expensive and long lens that I can take pictures of animals from a safe distance without scaring them away. Someday. But for now, that is pretty much the extent of the technical aspect for all you techie heads. Oh, and yes, I do shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II. I would love to have the Mark III but, I think I will wait until the Mark IV comes out!

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